Friday, 29 June 2012

Photo Friday #23

St Mary's Church, Horton Road

This is one of my favourites this year.
Big sister trying to get her little brother to be quiet at the start of the ceremony.

Monday, 25 June 2012

St Mary's church, Horton, Northumberland

St Mary the Virgin, on Horton Road is a beautiful church surrounded by countryside. Behind it, you can see right across to Blyth. The history of the original church goes back to 1147.

St Mary's, Horton 01

The bride and groom only wanted photographs at the church so I met up with the groom and their son before the ceremony.
St Mary's, Horton 02

St Mary's, Horton 03

The girls arrived, all looking lovely. Once we were in the ceremony, big sister was trying to get little brother under control.

St Mary's, Horton 04

St Mary's, Horton 05

The couple had mentioned they liked the East window from the outside of the church so I made sure to capture it in all it's stained-glass glory as well.

St Mary's, Horton 06

St Mary's, Horton 07

St Mary's, Horton 08

The window looks pretty good from the outside as well!

St Mary's, Horton 09

Looking across to Blyth.

St Mary's, Horton 10

St Mary's, Horton 11

Posing by the beautiful door.

St Mary's, Horton 12

Although I was only required for the minimum two and a half hours, there's still time to capture some details.

St Mary's, Horton 13

A request from the groom, to photograph the font, sundial and the mosaic.

St Mary's, Horton 14

I was trying to get a shot of the bride and groom looking at each other across the lovely doorway but their son wanted to stand with them. "It's okay, we've got kids, what can you do?" said the bride. So I turned it into a game of peek-a-boo.

St Mary's, Horton 15

I still managed to get my shot of the couple as well!

St Mary's, Horton 16

Thank you for looking.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Embleton Hall Wedding, Northumberland

When I got this booking for a wedding at Embleton Hall, Northumberland, I was so excited. Even more than I usually am at being invited to photograph a couple's special day. Why? Because Embleton Hall is where I got married. I knew that the couple would have a wonderful day and I felt privileged that I was going to be photographing it for them.

Embleton Hall 01

Embleton Hall is a small country house hotel in Longframlington where you can hold your intimate wedding.

Embleton Hall 02

One gorgeous bridesmaid, the daughter of the bride.

Embleton Hall 03

One nervous bride being escorted by her Aunt.

Embleton Hall 04

I just love the expression on the bride's face when she sees her groom.

Embleton Hall 05Embleton Hall 06

Embleton Hall 07

Welcome drinks in the library after, then a quick hop outside for some photos in the beautiful grounds.

Embleton Hall 08

Embleton Hall 09

Embleton Hall 10

Embleton Hall 11

The groom liked this tree, so I thought I'd get an arty shot looking through the leaves. He also didn't like having his photograph taken which is why I focused on the leaves!

Embleton Hall 12

The last photos were on the steps heading back inside because although it was May, it was also cold. And being originally from the Bahamas, the bride was very cold!

Embleton Hall 13

I took the opportunity to photograph the gorgeous favours that the bride had collected from antique shops. Vintage crockery with jelly beans and tea bags inside. I could've photographed all of them but thought that would've been a bit over the top. Here are two instead.

Embleton Hall 14

Embleton Hall 15

Onto the speeches which were emotional as usual.

Embleton Hall 16

Embleton Hall 17

Embleton Hall 18

As I was leaving, I spotted these horseshoes lined up on a ledge on the end of a building. Good luck to the happy couple!

Embleton Hall 19

Thank you for looking.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Wedding at St Mary's, Horton Road

North East photographer, Gillian Cross, has just had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Nicola and Maurice at St Mary's church, Horton Road, Northumberland.


St Mary's, Horton Road

More images to follow

Friday, 8 June 2012

Photo Friday #20

Great North Museum

I love this idea. The walls in the function room of the Great North Museum are just plain white. This couple decided to project images of their villages onto the walls. The bride is from England and the groom from Scotland. They had another projection at the other end, of Switzerland which is where they live now.

You could have anything you liked projected onto the wall. Maybe a giant sized photo of the two of you!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Great North Museum Wedding

North East wedding photographer Gillian Cross, has just had the pleasure of photographing the marriage of Natalie and Andrew at The Great North Museum, Newcastle.


Great North Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne

Can anyone guess what the shadow is on the wall?

Friday, 1 June 2012

Photo Friday #19

Embleton Hall Wedding

This is a favour from the last wedding I photographed. The bride trawled antiques shops for months before the wedding to collect vintage china for every guest. I photographed two different types but was very tempted to photograph them all! They all had jelly beans and tea bags in them. What a lovely idea.