Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Autumn Catch Up

Usually you would think of wedding photographers being busy during the late spring and summer months. This year, now seems to be particularly busy for me. I've had two weddings at the beginning of half term, (therefore less time for working) and I also have a Storybook Deluxe album design in. With another wedding next weekend, I'd like to have everything finished more or less before then.

I also took some autumnal photos while out and about during half term, so somewhere down the list is looking through those and choosing some to sell on my Fine Art website.

So I'd better stop blogging and get on with some work. Coming soon will be an insight into what processes the wedding photos go through after the wedding - when I've finished my current to-do list!

Belsay Hall, Northumberland
An Autumnal Walk
The photo above is available to buy as a print. Prices on my Fine Art website. Contact me for ordering.

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