Monday, 20 August 2012

Civic Centre Wedding, Newcastle

I booked good weather for this wedding at the Civic Centre in Newcastle, as the bride and groom only required me for photos at the ceremony. Rain would have limited our options but fortunately the weather was fine.

Civic Centre 01

One groom looking extremely smart.

Civic Centre 02

Loadsa bridesmaids looking...purple.

Civic Centre 03

A ponderous groom looking slightly more nervous. Like all good military operations, everyone had arrived early. The registrars were late! (Sorry, but they were).

Civic Centre 04

Civic Centre 05

Finally we're underway and now Mr and Mrs!

"When can we take these shoes off?" The price girls pay for looking gorgeous.

Civic Centre 07

The bride with her brother and sister. Aren't the flowers lovely? I'll tell you something about them later.

Civic Centre 09
 The girls!!!!!!!!!

Civic Centre 10

And the boys.

Civic Centre 11

After the group shots and mingling guests, we let everyone head off to the reception (and a drink) and took some quiet shots around the Civic Centre.

Civic Centre 12

Civic Centre 13

A kiss under flying swans.

Civic Centre 14

It's amazing how many nooks and crannies you can find around the building.

Civic Centre 15

Civic Centre 16

Civic Centre 17

Civic Centre 18

I also found some greenery.

Civic Centre 19

Civic Centre 20

This is the shot where the bride felt like she was a celebrity!

Civic Centre 21

Nearly time to let the couple get away to their reception.

Just enough time to get some detail shots.

Civic Centre 22

His and hers.

Civic Centre 23

Look closely at the flowers...not real but fabulous silk ones that looked so real!

Civic Centre 24

And not so long before they drove away into the sunset...

...well, it was fair but not quite sunny.

But you know what I mean!

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