Monday, 16 April 2012

What Style of Album Design Can I Have?

Each album that I design is different. The layout depends on the photographs that you choose, so each album is truly bespoke. There are themes that I use through each album but if there's something you specifically want, just say. There are so many options it's hard for me remember them all! Hopefully this will cover most of them.

Let's start at the beginning. The front cover. I tend to design my albums in a landscape format which brings up the question, if you like a portrait photo for the front what do we do? I can always design a portrait album but most couples prefer the landscape layout.

You can have a photo with a border, black or white.

Or a full size photo filling the whole cover.

Album Design 3

Or a portrait photo works nicely as well. Again, names on the front with or without the date. You can have anything you like!

For the pages, I use a mix of black, white or background photographs faded out. I've yet to try picking a colour from the wedding's theme and using that as a complete background, but I used the colour as a band behind a strip of photos here. Alternatively you could have just black or white throughout.

Below, using background detail photographs.

Below, using black.

Album Design 6

If I've photographed your invitation, I try to use part of it as a motif on white backgrounds just to break up the space.

Or echo a design element of it like the lines and circle beside the bride below.

And the crossed lines on the pages below.

Some couples like to have the whole page filled.

 Or you can have some white space.

Album Design 11

Recently I've added text to the inside pages so you can choose a line from your vows...

...or the title of your first dance.

Album Design 13

 As you can see, there are many different options. Some people like lots of small photos on a page, some prefer the photos to be big. Photos overlapping, not overlapping...fill the background, leave space. The possibilities are endless!

Once I've designed the layout of your album, I'll email proofs like the photos in this blog for your approval. You then say "That's great, print it!" or let me know what changes you'd like to make.

Ultimately when you book, the photographs are the important thing but it is worth considering how your album will look. I want you to have a beautiful reminder of your special day.

To see each photo larger, please click on the image.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Looks good! I like imaginative layouts, and think you've got that in these. Getting it right is half the challenge though, isn't it? I do like seeing a wedding album that actually reflects a bit of the personality of the photos, rather than ones that have photos with bags of personality, but end up looking a bit samey. Lovely work!

    1. Thanks Kristin, there are templates I could use but I always end up making up my own to fit each individual album.