Monday, 16 January 2012

Focus on ~ Table Numbers

As I've said before, I feel extremely fortunate to photograph the wonderful weddings that I do. I love the details of each day which makes them all individual to each couple, even down to the table numbers and place settings!

Table numbers 1

A pretty table decoration for a summer wedding incorporating the table number in a matching colour.

Table numbers 2Table numbers 3

This bride works at a vet's and is obviously a cat lover.

Table numbers 4Table numbers 5

I'd never seen this idea before. Each table was a different year but the 8384 stumped me...until I worked out it was the birth years of the bride and groom. 1983 and 1984! Each table had a photo of the couple from that year and information on who won the football, what was number one in the charts etc. A lovely personal touch to chart their lives together.

Table numbers 6

Of course you don't have to go for numbers for your tables. This couple both work for a well known fast food outlet.

Table numbers 7

 And this couple got married on a date, which, in binary numbers (computer speak) added up to 42...the meaning of life in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams. So each table name had a menu with an author's name on.

Table numbers 8

Another menu doubled up as the place names. The chocolate ladybirds were for the children!

Table numbers 9

Table numbers 10

I'd never seen this either. The top table place names each had a business card sized card with a unique photo relevant to the person and their name on. Yes, the groom's is the one with the crate of beer on!

Thank you for looking.

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