Monday, 19 December 2011

Frosty Snowman

I've been playing around with shaping the bokeh in photos. The bokeh is the blurry bit when lights are out of focus in the background. Here's a festive snowman (knitted by me) to wish you a Merry Christmas!


Monday, 12 December 2011

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot in Jesmond Dene

A pre-wedding photo shoot can be a great idea. Especially if you aren't keen on having your photo taken. I know that sounds like a contradiction, but a lot of people haven't had their portrait taken professionally so it can seem quite daunting.

This is why a photo shoot before the big day can help. You get to see how I work, and it's also another chance for us to meet up. Usually, the most number of times I see my couples before the wedding is twice but it is nice to see you more often. After all, I'm going to be present for most of your special day!

The couple in the following photos weren't keen on having their photo taken so I suggested a photo shoot, free of charge. We were also thinking of taking some photos on the wedding day at Jesmond Dene so this seemed to be the perfect choice of location. The couple had also requested a signing board so we needed a photo to put in the frame while guests were signing the mount. The photo they chose, we replicated on the wedding day to ultimately replace the pre-wedding shoot photo.

So, a sunny July day in Jesmond Dene.

Jesmond Dene 1

Jesmond Dene 2

Jesmond Dene 3

A bit of posing, mixed in with "stand over here and chat amongst yourselves."

Jesmond Dene 4Jesmond Dene 5

Now, I thought they'd choose this shot below for their frame, but no. They fancy having this one larger!

Jesmond Dene 6

Jesmond Dene 7

These are the frame photos.

Jesmond Dene 8Jesmond Dene 9

Wedding day slightly pulled back to get the wedding ring in and the detail on the dress.
Jesmond Dene 10

Jesmond Dene 11

So, now prepared for posing on the big day. Although it is different when you're dressing up looking fabulous in your finery!

Jesmond Dene 12

Jesmond Dene 13

Jesmond Dene 14

The comment from the groom while we were arranging a day to do the pre-wedding shoot was "...if you can convince me to be in the pictures!"

The comment I got after the wedding day was "We've had some really nice comments from everyone about you, we're so pleased you were able to be with us on our wedding. And you made it painless for both of us."

If you wanted to have a photo shoot before you booked your wedding photography, you would pay a location fee. However, if you were to go on and book me as your photographer, I would deduct that fee from your package price.

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Monday, 5 December 2011

Focus on ~ Lumley Castle

Over the last couple of years, I've been lucky enough to photograph a wedding each year at the beautiful Lumley Castle.

It takes it's name from Sir Ralph Lumley, who petitioned the Bishop of Durham in 1389, to allow him to convert his family's manor house into a castle. Unfortunately he did not enjoy his new home for long as he was involved in a conspiracy to overthrow Henry IV. This failed and he was arrested and executed in 1400.

The castle was restored to his grandson, Thomas, in 1421. He was made constable of Scarbrough Castle for his role in the War of the Roses. The Lumley name continued to play a role in court life until well into the 1800s

In 1976, the castle was made into a hotel and now hosts fairytale weddings either on a large scale or an intimate one. The following weddings were two of the most relaxed and intimate days I've had the privilege to photograph.

Lumley Castle 1

The bride getting ready with the girls, in one of the rooms with lovely window seats.

Lumley Castle 2

Lumley Castle 3

The groom next to the huge doors which would probably have been the main entrance, designed to impress.

Lumley Castle 4Lumley Castle 5

The Scarbrough room set up for the ceremony, with itineraries on the seats.

Lumley Castle 6

Lumley Castle 7

Lumley Castle 8

Lumley Castle 9

Lumley Castle 10

Drinks and photos on the side lawn.

Lumley Castle 11

Plenty of opportunity for stunning photographs.

Lumley Castle 12

Lumley Castle 13

Lumley Castle 14Lumley Castle 15

And it's not all stone work. There is some greenery as well.

Lumley Castle 16Lumley Castle 17

Lumley Castle 18

Lovely backdrops for your family photos.

Lumley Castle 19

Then round the corner for some different poses.

Lumley Castle 20Lumley Castle 21

There are also the unforgettable busts in the corridor. I've tried to find out who they were to tell you, but I can only find out from the web that they may be of Roman emperors or nobles.
Note to self - look at them and find out next time!

Lumley Castle 22

Lumley Castle 23

Lumley Castle 24Lumley Castle 25

I always love the details of your venue and use some of them in the design of your album.
Lumley Castle 26

Two different room settings for a similar amount of guests. One in the Scarbrough room (top) and the other in the Northumbria (bottom).

Lumley Castle 27

Lumley Castle 28

Mmmm, food.

Lumley Castle 29

Lumley Castle 30

Lumley Castle 31

Lumley Castle 32Lumley Castle 33

Different cake shots. The couple at the bottom wanted the cake to be the focus.

Lumley Castle 34

Lumley Castle 35

Lumley Castle 36

For more information about weddings at Lumley Castle please visit
All comments are from the view of a photographer. Also, Lumley Castle spells Scarbrough this way although the town is spelt Scarborough.

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