Monday, 28 November 2011

Focus on ~ Hand-tied Bouquets

As a wedding photographer, I am lucky enough to see all of the details that go into making your special day unique. So many things to personalise for your day, and I often find that brides look through my albums admiring the photography and then saying "Ooh, I like that cake," or "I'm thinking about having that colour for my bridesmaids." So I thought I'd share some of the detail shots I take on wedding days,
as inspiration for you.

While editing one of my weddings, I noticed that every bride I'd photographed this year, had chosen to have a hand-tied bouquet. So what better place to start this new feature than with bouquets! All different colour themes and flowers. Here are some of the photos I took of their beautiful bouquets.

Bouquet 1

The first one of the year was in April and used fresh, spring anemones.

Bouquet 2

Rather unusual to see a yellow bouquet but this was a June wedding so it was lovely to reflect a sunny summer day. Now, what colour do you put your bridesmaid in? She had a lovely knee-length black dress with white embroidery on. Ahh! Oh, the buttercup was added by one of the little girls at the wedding.

Bouquet 3

This was another summer wedding with garden flowers like sweet peas, geraniums, pinks and roses.

Bouquet 4Bouquet 5

Like the previous bouquet, most hand-ties seem to have the stems bound in a co-ordinating ribbon. This one has the same beads wrapped around it as are scattered in the bridesmaids bouquets.

Bouquet 6

The simplicity of the beautiful roses was set off by the encasing of the flowers in flat leaves. (And more black bridesmaids dresses! That'll be a later post.)

Bouquet 7

Roses again. The classic, romantic wedding flower, this time mingled with ivy.

Bouquet 8

A mixed bouquet using the classic roses, astrantia and zingy euphorbias.

Bouquet 9

Bouquet 10

Roses again in another unusual colour, used with blue cornflowers, peonies and ferns.

Bouquet 11

Now for something completely different! Deep purple calla lilies.

Bouquet 12

Now don't forget brides, when you're holding your beautiful hand-tied bouquet, don't hold it up in front of you like a microphone! Try to keep in down by your hip so you can show off your fabulous dress.

I use the detail shots of the bouquet and flowers as backgrounds in the Storybook albums. They are one of the things that, unless you get them dried, don't last forever, so it's lovely to have a lasting reminder of them.

Thank you for looking through this gallery.

I'm not an expert in floristry so all comments are from the view of a photographer (and gardener!)

If any florist would like to leave a comment extolling the virtues of hand-tied bouquets, you're more than welcome.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Dissington Hall, Northumberland.

Following the wedding fair I attended at the weekend, I thought I'd share a wedding I photographed at Dissington Hall last year.

Dissington Hall was designed and built in 1794 by William Newton for Edward Collingwood. It was built in the Classical style in local sandstone. It was expanded in Georgian times, used as a TNT storage facility, a hospital facility and as accommodation for 50 ladies in the WAFF during WWII.
For more on Dissington Hall's history please visit their website.
Now, it is an impressive Georgian estate where you can have exclusive use of it for your wedding. The staff are really friendly and helpful as well.

The detail on the pillars which are either side of the staircase.

This couple got married in a church, so we join them here as they arrrive at Dissington Hall.

There's plenty of space on the lawn for guests to play croquet and just mingle with their welcome drinks.

Looking out over the Capability Brown style landscape, before getting a group shot of everyone.

Using the lovely entrance porch to get a few different shots. I've also used it to get shots when the weather isn't so clement but I still want the natural light.

This wedding was the first weekend in June so they had the beneft of the glorious rhodedendron flowers.

The sepia tone enhances the warmth of the sandstone.

And of course, the gorgeous window on the staircase.

This was before the Billiard room was re-decorated but the tables are still lovely.

The end of another lovely wedding at Dissington Hall.

Friday, 4 November 2011

I'm now on Twitter

I've resisted it for so long...but now have given in. I'm now on Twitter!

The way I see it, one of the most important considerations when a couple chooses a wedding photographer, is that they get on with them. In this day and age of internet, emailing, social networking, not many people pick up the phone to enquire or even to arrange an appointment. So how do they know what I'm like?

I want to keep my website as informative as's my work, these are the prices. Facebook is for showing recent weddings and album designs. This blog is for recent weddings with a bit of me coming through the comments. So Twitter is for me to share things I like in my everyday life. As well as updates to my work and wedding related things.

So you can now follow me on