Monday, 26 September 2011

St Mary's church and The Gibside Hotel, Whickham.

St Mary's church in Whickham is 900 years old and has 17 beautiful stained glass windows, one of which was designed by the Arts & Crafts designer, William Morris.

The wedding day started at the bride's house.

The groom had left the girls some champagne, glasses and presents.

The groom with his son who was also his best man.

A tot of whiskey to steady the nerves...and check you've got the rings!

The bride arriving with her helpful bridesmaids.

Unfortunately, photography was not permitted during the ceremony but I could capture this kiss during the signing of the register in front of the fantastic organ pipes.

We lingered in the church after to take a few photos.

Another kiss silhouetted in the doorway, and those girls were the best bridesmaids ever, holding the dress while the bride greeted the guests.

I spotted a lovely doorway around the side of the church and used it for the "entourage" photos.

A stroll down the path...

...then a relax at the hotel.

This was just the corridor down to the bedrooms but I liked the dynamic vertical lines of the window frames.

The bride had asked me to take a photo of the pictures of them when they were little. I noticed that two of them were stuck on the mirror and had a cunning idea. Now and then!

I found the young bridesmaid and her friend going up and down the steps. They told me they were pretending to get married.

Relaxing before the speeches. Well, the bride was anyway!

The groom had to keep pausing for a drink (of water for his throat I hasten to add!) but he needn't have worried because his speech was good. He'd written most of it in verse so it flowed nicely.

I was amused by the best man who had his speech and the cards all lined up neatly in front of him which he kept straightening and adjusting like a nervous newsreader.

After the traditional speeches, the bride got up and said a few words. Getting emotional about the fact that her elderly Aunt and Uncle had made it all the way from America.

Just time for a couple more photos...

...and then the first dance.