Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Longhirst Hall Wedding, Northumberland

Longhirst Hall was commissioned in the 1820's by the Lawson family. John Dobson was the achitect who designed it and it was built from sandstone which came from a quarry less than a mile away.
The family, including six children, lived there for almost 60 years before it passed onto the next owners, the Joiceys. They had five children, so safe to say it was a true family home!

This couple were having their ceremony in the oval shaped hall so some of the guests had the unusual vantage point from the gallery.

The colour theme to the bridal party was black. The thinking behind it being that the bridesmaids would  wear their dress again, and no need to get the hem shortened! (Sorry, just watched "27 Dresses" recently...research purposes of course...although I do like a wedding!)

We take a few photos, making use of the lovely honey-coloured stone.

While the guests mingle on the patio to the music of the singer-friend of the bride and groom.
The groom's parents particularly liked this song and just started dancing.

Meanwhile...back at the pillars.

Then we took a stroll over the lawns to the little bridge.

While the bride and groom did a bit more mingling, I popped into the Court Suite to have a look at their tables. Each one had a year with some information on who won the FA Cup, what was in the music charts etc. I photographed the 2011 one and the one which combined the years they were born. Then I had the brilliant idea of taking a photo of the year they got engaged! Firstly I asked an good asking a bloke. Then I thought the groom's sister and chief bridesmaid would know...she didn't. Eventually mum knew, hence 2004 below!

and ps the photo of the stars and what looks like little bits of paper will be revealed later!

The speeches included a slideshow of the bridal party when they were all children and photos of the parents when they got married. Much laughter at hairstyles! The best man confessed to stealing the bride's father's TV remote control on the stag do but ended up asking the groom if he'd be his best man at his wedding next year.

After the meal, we took some photos in the gallery of the oval hall.

Then time for the first dance...

...and those bits of paper from earlier!

Then the guests were occupied by a chocolate fountain and dressing up in wigs for the photo booth.


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