Saturday, 30 July 2011

Mansion House Wedding

The ceremony was held at St Nicholas' Church in Gosforth.
It is thought that the church stands on what is possibly the oldest church site in Newcastle.

The groom, his best man and ushers, who were all the way from New Zealand.
You don't have to import ushers from New Zealand, but they did do a good job!

The bride arriving with her father.

And the groom waiting expectantly.

Ahh, here she is.

After the ceremony we popped out for a couple of photos...

...then popped back in again for champagne and cakes!


A few more photos in the church...


...then hop on the routemaster bus for more champagne. Well, it is a wedding.

After a quick tour of Newcastle in the bus, everyone arrived at The Mansion House in Jesmond.

Originally a Victorian semi-detached house, the only reminder of this now
is that one side had plain chimney pots, the other one had more fancy chimney pots.

We had a stroll around the lovely grounds taking some more photos...

...before heading in for the meal.

The children (young and old!) were entertained by making balloon models.

One more photo against the lovely wood panelling and then I left everyone to dance the night away.

(That was them dancing the night away you understand, not me.
I went home for a sit down and a cup of tea.)

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