Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Ellingham Hall Wedding

Ellingham Hall in Northumberland, was built in the 17th Century by Sir John Haggerston.

 The original chapel once harboured priests within secret tunnels and during the war, the tennis courts were cultivated by the land girls for food. Today, it plays host to elegant weddings such as this one.

At weddings there are flowers...

 ...and at this one a small bridesmaid. A very cute, small bridesmaid...

 ...and a bride looking elegant. This bride's philosophy was to not show all the work
behind the transition into "bride", but to emerge looking beautiful. She did.

So, after I captured photos of the bridesmaid and the flowers, I went down to the ceremony room and found some intriguing boxes on the chairs. Can you guess what it is? I'll tell you in a minute.

A little bit later, there was quite a nervous-looking groom.

He relaxed once proceedings got underway.

 Now I promised to tell you what was in the boxes. Ah, what a good idea. It was rather warm in the ceremony room so the bride and groom had had the foresight to provide everyone with a fan.

After the ceremony I dash down a corridor in order to get to this room before the bride and groom. "Why?" you ask. Because the bride had always wanted a steel band to play at her wedding, and the groom had arranged one as a surprise. Aww.

Time for canapes...

...and some photos outside.

One of the elusive peacocks. Perched on part of the building so
not willing to open his tail feathers. He's still rather showy though.

Back indoors and it's fun, fun, fun. The bride getting loud applause with her rendition on the steel drum.

And even more fun and laughter at the speeches. This is the Best Man's idea of what
the groom will look like in years to come. Dark haired, tanned complexion...?!

Action shot of cutting the cake...

...with guests looking on.

Just time to take a few photos inside.

Then the music begins...

...and in a whirl, they do their first dance, have a kiss, and I whirl away.

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