Monday, 16 February 2015

New home for my blog

Thank you for stopping by my Photography Blog. I have kept all of these articles up so you can still browse via the menus down the side but the blog is now continuing alongside my Photography website. Please visit for new posts.


Monday, 15 September 2014

Why Choose a Professional Photographer?

Weddings can be expensive occasions these days, and couples are always looking at ways to save money.

With cameras getting more and more advanced, many amateur photographers try to make some extra money by offering cheaper wedding photography packages. This is very tempting when you are on a money saving exercise but not always one that pays off.

Please do your research when booking your wedding photography. In the past months I have had an increasing number of enquiries from couples whose photographer has let them down at the last minute. Now I don't know all of the details but in my experience, a full time professional photographer would not do this, or at least would try their hardest to find another reliable photographer to take over.

I recently had an enquiry from a bride who is getting married in May next year. The photographer was doing their wedding for £400, getting ready at home until first dance with an album. This costs £1200 with me and about £995 without the album. Her photographer cancelled because of "work commitments". My work is photography.

Now I'm not saying that all part time, second job photographers are all unreliable but you have to think if they have enough time after the wedding to dedicate time to preparing your images and designing your album. It can take me another 10 hours at least to do this work but that is what I do all day. If you're working 35-40 hours a week in your first job then when do you find the time when you are fresh and focused on someone's precious wedding photographs?

A friend of my husband's got married and there were two of us professional photographers in their circle. They didn't think it was fair to choose between us, and his fiancee worked with someone who took wedding photographs in their spare time. Apart from turning up at the wedding in jeans (a big no no for me!) and not really seeming to have experience in dealing with wedding guests, it took him about a year to get their finished album to them. He disappeared abroad for three months to visit family. They obviously weren't his priority.

So, please check your photographer's policy for finding someone else if they are ill or injured.

Ask if they have a contract to sign which outlines cancellation.

Ask if photography is their full time job.

See if you can get testimonials from their past wedding clients.

Try not to be tempted by a cheap deal, there's usually a reason why it's cheap.

I am a member of the Master Photographer's Association which means I have to have insurance and abide by rules of conduct. To visit their website please CLICK HERE.


Monday, 8 September 2014

Commercial Cake Photography

A few weeks ago, I worked with the lovely Sandra of Sandra's House of Cakes, photographing some of her fabulous show cakes for her website. Sandra works closely with the wedding venue Kirkley Hall and we thought that their beautiful terrace garden would be an ideal place to do the photo shoot.

Being a small business myself, I know how expensive it is to advertise. I also realise the need for good quality images to sell your product which is why I try to keep my photography prices down for small and artisan businesses.

This photo shoot took an hour with the cakes in various settings and Sandra chose her favourites. I would have liked to have posted my favourite photos right here but they won't upload as I think I have reached my photo limit on this blog! So here's a link to them on my facebook page instead. You'll need to scroll past the jewellery photos to get to them. Enjoy.

A photo session for a small business or artist is only £30 an hour, including the images that you would like for your needs.